To help you successfully and safely participate in the Safe Routes to School program, below are specific resources for students, parents, teachers and school administrators, and the community at large.  For more detailed information, follow the links or contact our SRTS program.
Students - Here you will find information on safe walking and biking procedures, bike maintenance and security, and what to do if your bike has been stolen.
Parents - To learn why your child should participate in the the Safe Routes program, and to help them make the most of their experience, you can find links to city laws that impact biking and walking, how to register bikes with the city, safety statistics and health issues related to childhood welfare.  Also included here is information on fun group programs such as the Walking School Bus!
Teachers & Administrators - Discover curriculum outlines for teaching the benefits of exercise, walking, and biking.  You will also find procedures for reporting theft and find links to the various bike racks that are available to help students keep their bikes safe during the school day.
Community - Posted here are laws for drivers as well as bikers and walkers to help all community members travel safely to their destinations.   A refresher look at hand signals used by bikers is also posted. 

Documents - Pertinent material to help school staff, municipal staff, and community members with SRTS-related efforts.