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Planning Material

This page will be used in conjunction with the planning process for the SRTS plan.

Background Info
The SRTS Application for Lancaster provides an overview of the project and includes a summary of some of the results of the Parent Survey, which was sent home in the spring of 2010.

Current Conditions
The Sidewalk Map shows the current condition of sidewalk infrastructure in the city.
The Youth Population Count Map shows where youth under the age of 18 are located in the city by block geography as of the 2010 Census.
The Traffic and 10-Year Accident History Map shows where crossing guards are located and what the traffic counts are for roads within the city, as well as accidents occurring on these roadways within the past decade.

Project Activities
The following list is comprised of activities carried out by the SRTS Task Force/Committee:

a). Walking and Biking Audit Area Instructions and Codes