The City of Fennimore SRTS program began in February 2011 after being awarded funding to create a SRTS plan for the Fennimore Community School District. Fennimore community members and the SRTS Task Force/Committee worked together over the course of a year to create a plan with a particular focus on K-8 students, which includes the elementary and high schools. The plan's purpose is to get more students walking or biking to their school, and to educate community members on safety issues related to walking and biking. At the same time, older students and the general public can benefit from these improvements as well.

The SRTS Task Force/Wellness Coalition Committee meets in the Fennimore Elementary School building (830 Madison Street). Upcoming meetings will focus on implementing the ideas and strategies from the plan. Check out the News & Events section for the most up-to-date meeting times and information. All meetings and events are open to the public.