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Registration Checklist
  1. Click here to navigate to the Boltage Registration Web Page.
  2. When prompted, enter the following information: 
    • Your Name,
    • Your Email,
    • Your Postal Code and
    • Country Code. 
  3. Click "I accept, create my account"
  4. An email will be sent to you to confirm your membership and set a password.  Inside that email will be a link that you must click on to complete registration. When  you click on that personalized link, you will be prompted to complete the following information:
    • A new password,
    • The number on your child's ZapTag (this tag was provided to your child by the Platteville Middle School),
    • Your school,
    • Your child's First, Middle, and Last name,
    • The miles your child travels to school by foot or bike,
    • Optional: Your address, your child's year of birth and gender.
    • Click "Add ZapTag"
  5. Once you have completed this online registration, you may log into the Boltage site at anytime to see how many trips your child has taken to school and what awards he or she has earned.
If your child participated in the Freiker program last year, and you still have his or her tag, you are already registered for the program with that tag.  When you log-in to the Boltage website, you may need to update some information (see step 4 above).