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To Participate
If your child is a student at Platteville Middle School, he or she is eligible to participate.  All students should have received a ZAP tag from their teachers in mid October, 2010 (or still have a tag from the the Freiker program in 2009).  If your student did not receive a tag, or lost it, contact Principal Finnegan for a new tag.  While the first tag was free, new tags will cost $1 each.

If you want to minimize the changes of a child loosing his or her tag, you may want to a
attach the tag with the zip tie provided to your child's backpack.

Encourage your child to walk or bike to school.  If you live outside of town but drive your child to school, consider dropping him or her off a few blocks from the school so that they can walk a little of the ways.  The Middle School will encourage physical activity and the use of the ZAP Tag through classes, when appropriate, to give more students an opportunity to participate in the program, even if they live outside of town or take the bus.