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About Boltage

Boltage is a walking and biking incentive program used in schools across the Country.  The program, formerly known as Freiker ("frequent-biker"), counts the number of times a student walks or bikes to school using an electronic chip (RFID technology), and provides awards based upon those trip numbers. 

The City of Platteville began using this program in the fall of 2009 thanks to a grant from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  In 2011, the program is again returning to the Platteville Middle School thanks to many generous donations of community organizations and businesses. 

Thanks to generous sponsorship by the Avalon and Millenium Theatres in Platteville, your child will recieve the following awards for participation in the Boltage program:

Every 15th Boltage Trip: 1 junior popcorn and soda
Every 40th Boltage Trip: 1 free movie ticket good at either the Avalon or Millennium Theaters

Thank you to the following sponsors who have made Boltage possible for the 2009-2012 school years:

Platteville School District
Millennium and Avalon Theaters
Southwest Health Center
Platteville Optimists
Platteville Jaycees
Wisconsin Department of Health Services
City of Platteville
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission