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About the Committee

The Sidewalk Committee was renamed to the Community Safe Routes Committee by the Common Council on September 9th, 2008.  Common Council defined the purpose of this committee with the following statement,

“The mission/purpose of the Community Safe Routes Committee is to formulate a plan that includes safe routes for bicyclists and pedestrians to access our schools and churches, parks and recreation areas, and retail shopping areas.  The Committee seeks to formulate a well-organized and interconnected community wide bike and pedestrian trail system.”

The Community Safe Routes Committee meets once a month on the third Monday of each month at 6pm (check this website for locations). The Committee is largely responsible for overseeing the SRTS program and is always looking for new, interested members. Please contact the Committee or show up at one of their monthly meetings if you would like to become involved.

In 2011, the Committee will continue to meet on the third Monday of each month.  Meetings are usually held in the City Hall.  For more meeting information and announcements, please join the Platteville SRTS listserve or contact the Committee.

2011 Appointed Community Safe Routes Committee Members

 Kristina Fields
 UW-Platteville, K-8 Parent, Former City Bike/Ped Coordinator
 Thomas Nelson
 Don Shaw
 Neal Wilkins Elementary School / Platteville School Districts
 Jean Lange Platteville School District
 Eileen Nickels
 Platteville Common Council
 Joe Carroll
 City of Platteville Planning and Zoning Director
 Kevan Noria City of Platteville Police Department
 Cindy Robles
 City of Platteville Parks and Recreation
 Howard Crofoot
 City of Platteville Engineer
 Cindy Tang City of Platteville / Insight Industries LLC
 Tim Ingram
  Momentum Bikes
 Tricia Reuter Southwest Health Care